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Momo. We’ve all seen her (which is why I won’t be posting that photo of that God-awful sculpture.) relax, she’s not going to pop up anywhere. This Momo thing has gotten completely out-of-hand. There are a lot of people commenting on the issue without fully understanding what’s going on, so let me break down some […]

I felt like I was in a rut, both emotionally and creatively. Over the winter, I became more closed off than I’ve ever been. I needed something to shake this feeling. Something that would help wake me up. “Big Magic” has been talked about in creative circles since it was published last year. The queen […]

Canon 6D, Canon 70-200mm f/4L USM; f/4 | 1/250 | ISO 100 Gus is by my side constantly. “Guard Duty,” as I call it. He puts up with my daily ritual of photographing and otherwise humiliating him for the world to see and for that I’m grateful. Sometimes, I may be feeling a little more […]

I have a bit of a problem. I’m addicted to soap. I currently have… well, I’m not going to count, but I have a lot of soap. I’m not talking “Zest” or “Irish Spring,” either. Those are terrible. I am, however, talking about Bathhouse. Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium is an artisan soap company in Hot […]

Colby and Lindsay met me at the City of Lights Christmas Tree Farm and we had a really great time together! Look at how adorable these two are! Can you just not even stand it?

Who doesn’t love a good bag? No one. No one doesn’t love a good bag. Ask around and draw your own conclusions. Security, maneuverability, space for stuff, cuteness factor. These are the four things I looked for in a bag, and I found all four tucked inside this roomy House of Flynn bag. Yes, I, […]

I spent some time with my mom’s side of the family today. We had great food (which I had a helping hand in!) watched A Christmas Story about three times, and had some fun with sparklers and Roman Candles. I love spending time with my family, and here are a few shots from tonight as […]

Every year for holiday meals, millions upon millions are putting globular, can-shaped aliens on their tables. At the end of the meal, you glance over and see that hardly any has been taken. Why? Because that chilled nightmare isn’t exactly holding its own up against rich and hot gravy, hot rolls, and hot… Well, everything […]

Brad and Kelli were wed surrounded by friends and family today, December 5, 2015 at the Red River Cowboy Church. Their day was perfectly lovely and I couldn’t be happier for these two!Before the ceremony, Kelli and Brad joined hands in an emotional prayer, and I don’t recall there being a dry eye around. Here […]

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